THE FLORIDA FEUDis the next big thing in bar games.
As a trivia company, we have heard many of the same complaints about trivia over the years: “Teams use their smartphones to cheat." Being our surveys are answered by random people, including players, it's impossible to "look up" an answer! Conversely, our techie friends can answer a question, update their status or text grandma without the worry of suspicion! “These questions are too hard.” Our random survey questions come with even more random answers sometimes--it's so much fun to see how people think. “It's not fair that they can have so many people on their team” Much like Pop Quiz Trivia, you can play as an individual or as a team. It's up to you how you want to split your prize! “That team wins every week.” The random survey nature of the game means that it is not about what you know, but what you think they respondents know. Each show segment lasts 1 hour and a prize is given for the top scoring team each hour! Typically a show is 2 hours long, but may go longer! Come early and stay the whole game, or stay for an hour early or late!


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Is 100 People Said... Gambling?

100 People Said... has always been no purchase or entry fee to play. In researching this issue, we found this statement on Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco's own website:

The State of Florida has determined that gambling consists of these three elements:

1) consideration (an entry fee);
2) a game of chance (the Florida Attorney General has determined that poker is a game of chance); and
3) prizes are awarded to winners (i.e. money, gift cards, trips, etc.).

A game or tournament that is operated for the purpose of some or all of the proceeds going to charity does not negate or circumvent the definition of gambling.
A charity tournament that is operated at a licensed facility will include some entry fees that involve taxable reporting.

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